Raven M. Moses

PhD Student in Africology & African American Studies at Temple University

Dedicated to advancing the discipline of Africology (also known as Africana, African-American, or Black Studies) and to serving the Black community as a solution-oriented scholar-activist, I embrace the following commitments: 


Grounded Scholarship

Exploring and expanding knowledge that is accessible and designed to improve the lives of Africana people wherever we find ourselves.

Lifelong Education

Fulfilling my duty of intergenerational transmission of knowledge by embracing every chance to educate and learn from the community.

Active Social Responsibility

Working with, for & on behalf of the community by imagining & implementing inclusive solutions that will enhance the quality of life for all.

Recent Blog Posts

08 December 2015

Start This Year With Your Best Foot Forward

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03 December 2015

Highlights From My European Vacation

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